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Alex Jako


Todmorden’s script is imprinted in the fingerprints of its people;

The hands that made Tod are the warp and the weft of its history,

The feet that shivered in the clogs and kept warm by dancing to the rhythms of its looms had a profoundly human resonance: one that was transmitted across the ocean and picked up as irresistible rhythms to the tap-dancers of America.

“By Industry We Prosper”

Three drawings by Alex Jako

“Warp and Weft”

Concept:  Alex Jako
Sound Design: Andrew Liles
Words:  Alex Jako and Jenny Otlet
Voice: Alison Cooper

Drawings by Alex Jako were made using rapidograph pens, average nib sizes 0.05 mm – 00.1 mm, on woven paper.  Sources of inspiration were found in the world of Todmorden’s Picture House Antiques, and the Cecil Sharpe House archives.